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// SOUL SEEDS by Frank Rosin


Compilation ©2014 Manufactured in Germany

Cat. # 88875028952



01. Sounds Like A Feeling feat. Matt Heanes

02. Is This Love? feat. Matt Heanes

03. Love And War feat. Maruja Retana

04. Lockdown feat. Maruja Retana

05. Electric feat. Hello Noisy

06. Let It Go feat. Hello Noisy

07. Love Is A Liar feat. Andy Taylor

08. No Hope feat. Hello Noisy

09. Officially feat. Andru Donalds

10. Missing You feat. Hello Noisy

11. All I Need feat. Hello Noisy

12. Big Love feat. Hello Noisy

13. Lately feat. Andru Donalds



01. One Planet feat. Lay Down A Dime

02. Vindalho

03. (Feel) So Good feat. The NCO

04. Hardes

05. Feel So Real

06. Run

07. Faithless Dreams

08. Primal Fool vs. SOFA Inc

09. Sulanda (Ready For Your Love) feat. Hello Noisy

10. I Love America feat. Phil Fuldner

11. Friday

12. Sliding Harissa

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